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Union Ridge City

This long island off the eastern coast is named after its relatively higher altitude. Highton is a residential district, sporting architecture inspired by the residential districts of New York City, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Most school age students end up attending a school in this safe, crime free district.
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Safe and Secure [4/4]
May 30, 2020 18:51:45 GMT
Union Ridge refers to the whole city, but Union City is the biggest center of economic activity. Ann amalgam of every idea of a downtown, Union City is the shopping and commercial district for the entire area. Skyscraper filled with office buildings reach upwards, while the Union Underground subterranean mall extends into the earth below.
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The SearchLight [Max4]
Jacobi Richards
May 30, 2020 14:31:09 GMT
The oldest part of Union Ridge, with the lowest population density. There are suburban neighborhoods this far north. Store fronts and empty streets line the river, with many abandoned buildings on the coastline. Recently, these warehouses have been populated by squatters, small businesses, and artistic hostels. Follow Tweeter to hear about the upcoming festivals and carnivals.
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wet shoes blues [ open ]
Ishani Prakash
May 16, 2020 20:23:38 GMT
The island furthest into the sea, Tivoli is an odd borough of duality. By day, it carries a sleep 70's era boardwalk vibe, boasting the largest concentration of food carts on the East Coast. At night, nightclubs and bars come alive. Trains run hourly through the night on weekends to account for the heavy bar hopping traffic from its neighbors.
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All The Lights
Jacobi Richards
May 15, 2020 19:39:59 GMT
Dukes has the busiest ports in the city, taking on the majority of commercial imports. It's also where shipyards and production factories are located. Regardless, Dukes County is also densely populated with massive low income housing projects. Union University also has several campuses and buildings near UC here.
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Enter Player 2 (@Kew)
Emory Couture
Apr 30, 2020 21:55:11 GMT
Named after the many highways that pass through the area, Route Junction connects Union's different districts, as well as the city to the outside world. Predominantly roadways and highway front properties, Route also contains the city's military base, incarceration facilities, and the train yards.
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Do we have Lift Off? [c]
Kevin Vitomar
May 26, 2020 18:18:08 GMT
Affluent, opulent waterfront condos take up many of interconnected islands that make up this district. Sols Sound is an easy place to visit, but prohibitively expensive for living. Town Hall occurs here, and often act as the location for many naval and commercial broadcasts. Saban Corp takes up the center of this district.
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A Distant Shore
Ishani Prakash
May 28, 2020 15:19:44 GMT
Responsible for Union Ridge's technological advancement, Saban Foundation also provides many of the infrastructure and jobs in the city. It's base is large enough to take up a cluster of islands as its base of operations. Access is strictly limited. Although frequent tours and trips are welcome, it is rare for non employees to be allowed into the more secure areas. The Union Communications Tower extends from its center.
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Alliance in the Dark [4/4]
Zoe Zhang
May 31, 2020 23:44:51 GMT
At times, the story can take us out of Union Ridge into the world beyond. Threads taking place in other areas can be placed here.
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